Here are some random yoga-related products that I use and enjoy!

Yoga Mats - Remember that yoga mat preference is a VERY personal choice; different people like different things.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Manduka eko Lite - Manduka no longer makes my original eko Lite mat; mine was only 3mm, which some will find too thin but which I loved.  After about 12 years of very regular use, it has started to break down, but prior to that, it was completely non-slip.
  • Gaiam Premuim Print Mat - This is a pretty mat (love the mandala design!) that is a bit thicker than I would prefer at 6mm.  However, it is affordable and a very good general mat that is light enough to transport to the yoga studio (which is how I use mine).
  • Kharma Khare Recycled Tire Mat - I love that this mat is made from recycled tires!  It's heavy, thick, and doesn't slip under my feet or my hands.
  • Emerging Green Cork Mat - This is a large, thick, heavy mat that might be a nice option for home use; the guidelines also make it a good mat for beginners.

Yoga Socks - I have various pairs of these, but I like these toeless ones from Gaiam, as they allow my toes to touch the floor, giving me more direct contact.  I wear them for teaching, as I am moving around the room and not on my mat, but they would work for personal practice as well. 

Yoga Toes - These are an excellent product not only for treating a variety of foot conditions (like bunions), but also for helping to make your toes more "spready" for your yoga practice.

Meditation Bench - This little meditation bench makes sitting in meditation so much more comfortable!  I love the smooth, high quality wood and the foldable legs for storage.

Essential Oil Diffuser - I recently upgraded to this new diffuser and I love it!  It has various settings plus an on-off feature.

Essential Oil Set - This is a great set of quality oils at an affordable price.  I love the wonderful scents, about half of which are more uplifting, half more relaxing.

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