I often practice yoga at home with YouTube videos...

These are some of my own favorite YouTube channels for home practice.

  • Baxter Bell Yoga—vinyasa "mini" practices and other short tutorials with an emphasis on yoga for healthy aging
  • Ekhart Yoga—offers everything from brief yoga stretches to in depth tutorials to guided meditations to full class routines
  • Jennifer Kreatsoulus, Yoga for Eating Disordersmindful yoga practices focused on self-acceptance and self-empowerment
  • Kate Vantucci Yoga—local Rochester-area instructors offers a variety of fun routines
  • Melissa West Yoga—a mind-body approach from a yoga therapist offering yin, restorative, hatha, and other yoga classes
  • SarahBeth Yoga—many routines in various lengths and styles, such as beginners and restorative; also includes a 7-day yoga challenge (7 days of 15-minute yoga classes)
  • Yin Yoga with Matt—down-to-earth yin practices with a male instructor
  • YogaJP—offers playlists that include chair yoga, wheelchair yoga, senior yoga, yoga therapy, and other functional yoga practices
  • Yoga with Kassandra—beginners yoga classes plus 30-day meditation challenge and many yin yoga classes
  • Yoga with Tim—Tim's goofy jokes remind me of my own teaching; he throws a lot of unique movements into his practices
  • The Yoga Ranger Studio—a great source for Yin yoga and other gentle practices

...and I first learned yoga practicing at home with DVDs!

Appropriate for Beginning/New Yogis

  • Barbara Benagh—AM-PM Yoga for Beginners; Yoga for Stress Relief
  • Elena Brower—Element AM & PM Yoga for Beginners
  • Hala Khouri—Yoga for Stress Reduction
  • Jillian Pransky—Calm Body Clear Mind
  • Mimi Solaire—Deep Stretch Yin Yoga
  • Rodney Yee—Yoga Conditioning for Athletes

More Experienced Levels

  • Eoin Finn—Blissology
  • Tilak Pyle—Yoga: Altar of the Heart
  • Rodney Yee—AM Yoga for Your Week; Yoga Conditioning for Athletes