The web sites below offer some excellent options for learning more about yoga and starting to build a home practice

  • Yoga Journal,  
    From menu bar, select “Poses” and browse by Type (including Beginner), Benefit, or Anatomy; also choose “Yoga 101” from menu to review beginner’s articles and other new-to-yoga information.
  • Yoga U  
    Choose “Beginner’s Yoga Resources” at right for articles, pose primers, and beginner’s tips.  Click on “Yoga U Practice Channel” for free short practice videos.
  • Yoga 
    From “Practice,” select “Yoga for Beginners” for information on starting yoga, general practice guidelines, building a home practice, practicing with injuries, and more.
  • Ekhart Yoga, 
    Go to the "Everything Yoga" menu for an A-Z breakdown of yoga poses, information on different styles of yoga, and a yoga dictionary.  The "Videos" tab also includes a section on free practice videos.