• I sought out yoga in 2001, hoping that yoga would help with my chronic migraines. I started at home with VHS tapes; it was several years before I felt ready to enroll in community classes and longer until I ventured to an actual yoga studio. My personal practice continues to include DVDs and YouTube videos in addition to studio classes. (See Practice Resources.)

    In October 2015, I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification with Aimée Senise Connors and became registered with Yoga Alliance. As part of my 200-hour yoga teacher training, I completed Yoga Ed.’s Professional Institutes 1 and 2 (teaching yoga to children K-12), taught by Joan Nichols, former owner of Inspire Yoga.

    The following spring (2016), I added a certification in restorative yoga. In 2019, I obtained Yoga for All certification for teaching adaptive and accessible yoga, and in 2020, I completed a 50-hour yin yoga and anatomy online teacher training.

  • During my many years of practicing yoga, I have also been privileged to take workshops with some incredible teachers who have visited the Rochester area, including Leslie Kaminoff, Ravi Singh and Ana Brett, Desiree Rumbaugh, Ellen Saltonstall, Deb Neubauer, Barrie Risman, and Jennifer Kreatsoulas.

    I am also grateful for my many additional supportive teachers in the Rochester area, including Sarah Webb, Cathy Dasson and Amy Jo Metzendorf of Bodhi Tree Yoga, and Carrie Gaynor, my first studio teacher.

    I love the grace and alignment focus of Anusara yoga, Viniyoga's emphasis on the individual, and the deep stretch and deep relaxation provided by yin yoga and restorative yoga, respectively. I describe my own style as teaching functional yoga. For a functional yoga practice, the emphasis is on how a pose FEELS in your body, not the aesthetic aspect, or how the pose looks (see below for more).

    Off the mat, I enjoy a variety of other fitness activities in my home workout room, such as strength training, kickboxing, and kettlebells. I am an avid reader, and I spend a significant amount of time writing reviews of books, yoga videos, and other products on Amazon (where I am Reviewer Dr. Beth).

For a functional yoga practice, think about the acronym BLOOM:

B - Breathe deeply into your practice
L - Listen to your body without judgment
O - Observe your experience with curiosity
O - Own your experience with kindness
M - Modify your practice to meet your own needs

Check out my reviews of yoga, fitness, and other products on Amazon.com.